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5 reasons why people love to immigrate to Manitoba
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5 reasons why people love to immigrate to Manitoba

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Immigration in Manitoba

Planning to immigrate to Canada? If yes, skip the overcrowded provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and head to Manitoba instead.

5 reasons why people love to immigrate to Manitoba

 Manitoba is a beautiful province in Central Canada. Here are a few reasons why people wish to gain permanent residency in Manitoba:

  • The multi-cultural population

Manitoba is a place of diversity, with people from all racial and cultural backgrounds calling it their home. You’ll find Manitoba to be a multi-cultural province that is a delight to raise a family in.

  • The weather

Manitoba is a sunny province all-year-round. The province is windy because of the many prairies located in Manitoba. This makes it a very cool and temperate place to stay. Winters are cold, but this also means you have plenty of snow to indulge in snow sports if you like.

  • Job opportunities

Manitoba is today becoming one of the fastest growing commercial provinces in Canada. There are lots of businesses opening up each year in Manitoba. In fact, companies that offer 10 of the top 20 most-demanded jobs in Canada are present here. Plus, you get a better salary, which is significantly higher than the national average.

  • Cost of living

Coupled with the high salary, is the added benefit of the lower cost of living, compared to other provinces in Canada. For example, while the cost of living for a person in Vancouver is $3,497 per month, in Winnipeg, it’s as low as $2,184 per month.

  • Amenities & facilities

The intense commercial activity here has attracted lots of top-notch entertainment providers, restaurants, pubs, transport providers, academic institutions and healthcare services to Manitoba. The lowered cost of living means you pay a lot less for these essential services, than in other places.

How to immigrate to Manitoba?

Another reason people really love to immigrate to Manitoba is the ease of immigration. Other places like British Columbia and Alberta have more stringent requirements because of the high application rate. But since Manitoba is still a growing province, you have more opportunities to immigrate in a hassle-free manner.

How can you do this?

  • As a student studying in a Manitoba University

There are many world-class universities in Manitoba, such as The University of Winnipeg, Brandon University and the University of Manitoba. The fees are inexpensive, living facilities are plenty and lots of opportunities for part-time jobs.

  • Being sponsored by your current organization

If your workplace has an office in Manitoba, you can get sponsored by them to work from Canada. Your company will have its own rules and requirements for this. But if you are a freelancer, you can also submit an Expression of Interest to Immigration Manitoba to start your application.

  • Through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

This is the easiest and quickest way to immigrate to and get Permanent Residency in Manitoba. The MPNP offers an express entry into Manitoba for immigrants who possess specific skills the province needs. The MPNP offers three routes for immigration:

    • Manitoba Invitation

Here, you will be invited by the province of Manitoba to immigrate and reside in the province. This is subject to your meeting various requirements set by the immigration committee.

    • Manitoba Connection

If you have a family member who is a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident, they can sponsor your residency in the province. Your connections will also need to meet specific requirements before they can sponsor you.

    • Manitoba Experience

Manitoba is developing into a global province and it needs immigrants with varied skillsets who can help usher the province into a new era. If you have the requisite skills and work experience, the province of Manitoba will invite you to immigrate, because of the value your experience will add to the place.

    • Business Investor

Finally, if you are an entrepreneur or an investor, you will be invited to immigrate to Manitoba if you:

  • Have a net worth of CAD$350,000 and more.
  • Make a minimum investment of CAD$150,000 in your business.
  • Manage the business actively by living in Manitoba.

This option is also available to farmers who wish to start a farm in Manitoba, under The Young Farmer Nominee Program.

Community Driven Immigration Initiative – Morden city

Morden city in Manitoba offers a special community development immigration plan for anyone who wishes to set-up essential services and businesses here.

How many points should you earn to immigrate to Manitoba?

Every permanent residency applicant must earn a minimum of 67/100 points in order to be considered for residency. But, having a nomination from the province of Manitoba can ensure that people with fewer points, but great skills & talents, can still receive an invitation for immigration.

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