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Learn About the Spectacular Wilderness of Manitoba (Parks and Protected Spaces)

By June 17, 2022 No Comments

The Canadian province of Manitoba never fails to mesmerize nature and adventure lovers. Ontario lies on its east and Saskatchewan on its west. Its splendid landscape is dotted by pristine rivers and lakes, forested mountains, and prairies. Much of Manitoba’s wilderness is protected by more than 80 nature parks, where activities like biking, hiking, camping, canoeing, and fishing are popular.

Thinking of visiting Manitoba? Below are a few parks and protected spaces in the province that should definitely be on your list if adventurous activities in the wild tickle your fancy.

Birch Point Provincial Park

On driving 160 km southeast of Winnipeg, you reach a small but splendent campground called Birch Point Provincial Park. Located along the serene Lake of the Woods (Buffalo Bay), camping here is unimaginably fun and exciting. Fishing is an activity you can indulge in throughout the year here thanks to the boat launch and the lakeside setting is just perfect to wriggle in nature’s lap.

Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Located about 15 km from Kamsack in Saskatchewan and stretching into the Manitoba boundary, the 150 square-kilometre Duck Mountain Provincial Park is a haven of recreational activities in the wild. For anyone visiting or living in Manitoba, a trip to this provincial park opens a trail network for cycling, hiking, horseback riding, camping, canoeing, and wildlife watching. The pristine lakes, rolling hills, and boreal forests create an idyllic setting for you to repose close to nature.

Nopiming Provincial Park

Located on Manitoba’s southeast side along Ontario, the Nopiming Provincial Park is a nature preserve that beckons you for a relaxing retreat in the wild. Covering an area of more than 552 square miles, the provincial park is flushed by countless rivers and lakes and is contoured by numerous hiking trails. You can find many campgrounds in different parts of the park and engage in fishing and canoeing. With the setting that it offers, the park aptly lives up to the meaning of its name Nopiming, which translates to “entrance to the wild.”

Camp Morton Provincial Park

Sitting on the western flank of Lake Winnipeg, the Camp Morton Provincial Park measures 250.23 hectares, providing fun, peaceful and reinvigorating surroundings to explore. You can reach the park just by driving 6 kilometres north of the city of Gimli. In fact, it falls within the Gimli eco-district in the Interlake Plain eco-region. The beautiful nature trails and flower beds, a breathtaking sunken garden, and the historic buildings make this provincial park worth a visit for anyone wanting some leisure time. It’s a haven for birders because the park is believed to have the largest population of white pelicans in the world.

These are just a few of the many parks and protected spaces you can visit in Manitoba. When you are in the Canadian province, you will not fall short of adventurous activities in the wild to indulge in. If you are looking for accommodation, you can count on Nest Host, which offers fully-furnished rentals for your comfortable sojourn.