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Things Winnipeg Is Famous For

By March 31, 2020 No Comments

Wondering about the things Winnipeg is famous for? You would know that Winnipeg is one of the largest cities in Canada. Therefore, it offers exciting plans, from seeing museums to enjoying places for leisure and fun full of charm.

Winnipeg is a modern, industrial and tourist city in Canada. It is located in the Manitoba province and can be a surprise if you are thinking of touring the country. Would you like to know everything you can do in it? Let’s dig in.



Winnipeg, A Small City With A Lot Of Life


Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, one of the provinces located in western Canada. It was a city that seemed to have little future. However, it has grown to become the seventh-largest city in the country. It has significant industrial, cultural, and tourist development.

The city was founded due to the high immigration of Americans and Europeans. The diverse population makes Winnipeg a cultural hub, a major reason why tourists choose to visit the place. Also, the city is surrounded by magnificent nature, as it is close to the lakes of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Lake of the Woods.


5 Famous Things In Winnipeg


Now that we know a little about the city’s past, it ‘s time for you to discover the best plans that you can only do here. Enjoy your stay in Winnipeg with these five must-haves!


1. Visit the Art Gallery


Winnipeg is the oldest gallery in Canada. Its collection consists of 27,000 thousand pieces from different periods, from Ancient Greece to modern times. There are also Canadian works of art and a large group of Inuit art, belonging to the peoples who inhabited the northern regions of North America.



2. Visit the Museum of Human Rights


The Museum of Human Rights is another of Winnipeg’s most important cultural spaces. It is one of the leading icons of the city. Its objective is to house information about the significant events in the world related to human rights.

Also, the building that houses it is of exceptional beauty, built-in curved steel and glass, and with a very characteristic appearance. It is ideal for learning about history. It is also suitable for asking yourself many things about what has happened throughout the evolution of humanity. In short, in this museum you can discover a new vision of the world.




3. The Essence of Winnipeg at the Forks


The Forks is, without a doubt, one of the ideal places to spend a pleasant day. It is a public space designed to meet, have a drink, and go shopping. Years ago, it was a commercial and warehouse building. Today it is a space for events and gastronomy.

Here you can take advantage of shopping and take souvenir products, try the different typical Winnipeg foods, and enjoy the theatrical shows that take place every day.




4. Nature at the Assiniboine Park Zoo


The Assiniboine Park Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Canada, with more than a hundred years of history. Currently, it is a trendy place for young people and, especially for families.

Animals of many species live in these facilities, but the polar bears stand out. They are protected due to climate change and cared for here. You will be able to contemplate them while they swim in a large aquarium. You will be surprised to see them just one step away!



5. Getting to know the Royal Canadian Mint


The Royal Mint is another of the great cultural attractions that you will find in this city. This is the place where millions of Canada’s coinsare minted. Along with these, coins for more than 70 countries get manufactured here.

You can visit the factory facilities, although not in full. You can see gold medals from the Vancouver Olympics or even a gold bar valued at C $ 600,000. Surprisingly, right?



As you can see, in Winnipeg, you can make plans for all tastes. There are cultural sites to visit, and you can have a drink in places full of charm and, if you travel with children, they will not be bored. Variety and entertainment served in this city.