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Toddler Activities in Winnipeg - Nest Host
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Toddler Activities in Winnipeg

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Toddler Activities in Winnipeg: Are you planning to have fun with your children or grandchildren this summer? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there are many kids’ activities to explore in the Winnipeg area, and we’ll be sharing some of them.


Manitoba Children’s Museum


One of our favorite activities is the Manitoba Children’s Museum. Located in La Fourche, it is the perfect place to bring active and curious children – what could be better than a museum where you can touch EVERYTHING!

The museum has several permanent exhibits, such as water tables, slides and play structures, construction activities, DIY, and more. The resistance piece is a fully restored locomotive that children can pretend to drive! (Interesting fact: the museum located in the oldest surviving train repair room in Manitoba.) There is also a play area for the little ones, allowing even children under 2 to have fun like adults. One place contains a temporary exhibit, currently “Tapescape” – a play structure made almost entirely of gummed tape and plastic wrap.

Entrance to the museum is $ 10 per person of any age, but children under the age of one can enter for free. There is also a designated place to eat, as well as an outdoor courtyard, so bring your picnic dinner. You can also take a trip to the Forks Market and grab a little something from one of the many vendors located there.



Frolic in the Streuber Family Children’s Garden


Children’s garden in Assiniboine Park is for kids and designed to incorporate nature in the playing area. It may happen that after playing continuously, kids may get tired and may need rest, so the Qualico Family Center offers a place to get the snack items before going to the duck pond. There is an ice-skating area as well for the kids to enjoy during the winter season.


Fun Mountain Waterslide Park



Fun Mountain Waterslide Park is an area where kids can do fun activities with their parents. Along with the waterslides, you will find the mini-golf area for kids. This place is ideal for kids to play during hot weather, that is the summer season. Plenty of events takes place in the park-like Pokemon Week and Disney Day.


Ice skating and Arena VR



Ice skating is a fun activity for kids during winter. Winnipeg is an ideal place for a vacation of all age groups. Make your kids try arena VR designed uniquely to experience adventure. The trained staff are there to assist in enjoying most of the virtual reality (VR).


Santa Claus Parade



Watch Santa Claus Parade hosted in Winnipeg since 1909. The parade starts in the Christmas season. Kids enjoy the most during this parade. It is a hallmark seasonal event in Winnipeg.


Teddy Bear’s Picnic


Teddy Bear’s Picnic hosted by Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba organizes the cute event for kids every year. Kids bring their stuffed toys or teddy bears and love visiting the tents and educational activities for free.



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