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What to buy in Winnipeg? - Nest Host
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What to buy in Winnipeg?

By March 26, 2020 No Comments


Wondering what to buy in Winnipeg? Let us help.

Winnipeg is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Canada. It is home to incredible architecture, history, and beaches, as well as some unique and one-of-a-kind memories from clothes to delicious foods, Winnipeg, known as the remarkable city of Canada.

Here we have got some list of delicious souvenirs that you can buy in Winnipeg to take back to your home.





We know that we can’t carry just a piece of pie to our home, so you can get the cute little Mason jar, which is idle for you to carry along with you back to your home. You can choose the fillings that are pecan pie or butter tart. You can buy both as well as you wish! It tastes fantastic, and we know that without eating at least one piece, you cannot continue your shopping. This pie-in-a-jar is available at The Forks Market. Also, you can find them in seasonal craft markets. The online option is also available.


Capital K Distillery’s Liquor



The first distillery got launched several months ago, and till now, it is one of the famous places to buy liquor. You will get here a variety of flavors of your taste and choice. From smooth vodka to Tall Grass gin, which has chamomile, rosehip, and cardamom. Try it out with the ice to get the perfect taste. Get your bottles at Manitoba Liquor Marts.


Bee Project’s Urban Honey



Bee Project is the leading company in Manitoba, and they perform urban beekeeping these days. You can purchase a variety of products of honey, such as mix honey, which includes lip balm and beeswax bars. The unique product found there is the Urban Honey line. The Urban Honey line offers four types of honey in different neighborhoods around the city.

Chocolatier Constance Popp’s Manitoba Chocolates


St. Boniface is a famous shop in Winnipeg to buy chocolates. You will find everything from chocolate creations to the dark chocolate mold of The Museums and many other buildings or monuments. Manitoba chocolate bar is the new edition in the shop. Birch syrup chocolate bar is another from the creative, delicious chocolate creations, and it is a blend of white chocolate with a filling of birch syrup ganache.


Flora and Farmer Preserves



Flora and Farmer is a small company in Winnipeg that offers a variety of jams, pickles, and jellies. One of the best spreads available there is savory fig spread, made with caramelized onion, balsamic vinegar, and garlic. Must buy the beet and vanilla spread as it is a perfect spread to make your morning toast delicious.


Wildman Ricing’s Wild Rice


Wildman is not like an ordinary grocery store as it produces high-quality and organic rice, which tastes far better than the standard bags of rice. A single pack of rice involves hard work from harvesting grains to rice cleaning then roasting. Try out a variety of rice cuisines and enjoy your meal. You can buy it at Generation Green at The Forks Market.