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Places to Visit in Canada Near Toronto

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Want to know about the best places to visit in Canada near Toronto? There are many places to visit Canada that are near or at the gateway of Toronto. We have listed a few famous places to visit.


Niagara Falls



Niagara Falls is a small town next to the famous Niagara Falls. The main area, entirely dedicated to tourism, is made up of hotels, casinos, and rides. The only thing worth the tour are two waterfalls located on the Niagara River, which separates the United States and Canada (AAS on the American side and the largest and most famous on the Canadian side). These falls have a height of more than fifty meters, and it is impressive how fast the water goes down. One of the attractions not to be missed is the small boat that runs along with the footfalls.


Crawford Lake



Located near the town of Milton, Crawford Lake is one of six Halton conservation parks. Crawford is a rare meromictic lake with a sidewalk of wood that surrounds the perimeter thereof, which allows walking all around the lake. There are many paths through the forest in this park beyond Crawford Lake. Some of them connected to the vast Bruce Trail.

Throughout the forest hike you will see turkey vultures, deer, and many other animals. One of the trails, the escarpment trail, leads to a clearing where you can see the beautiful landscape of the valley below. It is never very crowded here, which makes Crawford Lake an incredibly peaceful place to relax, walk, and enjoy nature. Another unique aspect of Crawford Lake is the 15th century native Iroquois Longhouses on display just outside the forest.


Donkey Sanctuary of Canada


Since 1992, the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada is a sanctuary for survivors, mistreated and neglected donkeys in Guelph, in Ontario. The farm, located in a rural area outside of the central city. The Donkey Sanctuary is open to the public from spring to autumn on Sunday and Wednesday. Almost 100 donkeys are living at the sanctuary, and they rely entirely on donations to care for them. 

At the arrival, a suggested donation is $ 5, which is altogether for helping animals. Donkeys can walk around if they feel like staying in the barn or going out to visit customers. The guided farm tours where a volunteer teaches visitors more about these adorable creatures. It is remarkable to see the donkeys living so happily and peacefully on the farm.


Thirty Bench Wine Makers



The south of the province of Ontario, around Niagara Falls, is an essential wine region from Canada. Although alcohol, and especially wine, see out the price in Canada (in any case according to French criteria). It is local producers whose vintages stand out and who deserve a visit, especially if you are lovers of excellent wines! Although this is a little expensive,you can still take advantage of the tasting, which allows you to taste 6 of their wines, and we recommend including Riesling. This variety looks good and adapts to the climatic conditions of the region! And don’t miss the “ice wine,” wine’s very sweet mellowness resulting from the vinification of the bunches harvested at the end of the harvest, when the grapes freeze. Thus concentrate sugars and flavors!

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