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Why Executive Rentals are Surpassing Hotel Rooms in Popularity
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Why Executive Rentals are Surpassing Hotel Rooms in Popularity

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Executive Rentals – Redefining Affordability, Comfort and Convenience of Business and Vacation Accommodations


Fully Furnished Short Term Rentals winnipeg

An executive rental is a home-like accommodation that includes facilities available at home. These are furnished rentals featuring a fully-equipped kitchen and linens, among others.

Executives whose jobs require them to relocate or work for an extended time from a location far off from their homes and job sites can benefit from an executive rental.

Executive rentals are not for executives alone. They are perfect vacation rentals too.

Executive rentals are a cost-effective alternative for executives, corporate houses, and other guests in search of safe and hygienic extended stay accommodations.

A Practical Pandemic Accommodation

Executive rentals are a practical option during these pandemic times. Executives or guests that are required to go into quarantine as part of pandemic travel regulations can benefit from the home-like environment of an executive rental.

In the unfortunate event of a guest contracting COVID-19, an executive rental can provide safe accommodation for quarantine.

The availability of a fully-equipped kitchen enables guests to rely on home-cooked meals for health, hygiene, and safety reasons.

Nest Host Short Term Rentals

Nest Host, a popular name in the short-term rentals market, has been receiving outstanding accolades for the past three years for its service. Nesthost comes with a 5-star rating and over 420 reviews for its service quality.

Whether you are looking for extended stays, corporate stays, executive suites, insurance housing solutions, or other short-term rentals, here are some reasons why Nest Host can be your best partner:

Cheaper than a Hotel

Pricing at Nest Host is cheaper than that of a hotel. The difference in pricing is significant. Guests can sometimes avail accommodation at only half the price.

A fully-equipped kitchen encourages people to cook indoors, which saves costs on paying extra for meals. There is also an in-suite laundry, which means you do not have to pay for cleaning your clothes out of your pockets.

An option that can reduce your accommodation costs further is bill-sharing. You can share the total bill with multiple guests. This is a benefit that you cannot expect at hotels.

Quality, Safety, and Comfort

Nest Host’s accommodations have 5-star ratings. Each Nest Host executive rental comes with over 30 amenities for a comfortable stay.

There are contact-free check-ins to ensure safety and hygiene. Each accommodation features a fully-equipped kitchen, in-suite laundry, smart TV, and Wi-Fi. Some suites allow pets also.

You can choose from a range of 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom luxury homes according to your needs. Each suite is designed to provide a luxurious home-like feel, unlike the impersonal ambiance of a hotel stay.

With the quality of service, the safety of accommodation, and comfortable living space, you can be sure of getting your work done well.

Flexible Accommodation

With all comforts and a range of options, executive rentals are a great choice for business or personal purposes.

Suppose you are going on a long-term corporate relocation and want to take your family along. You could easily get an executive rental that fits your family and pets (if any) as well.

Executive rentals feature accommodations that offer generous space. Each property offers space that is usually larger than that of a hotel room. You can then choose a furnishing package to go with your accommodation.

The affordability of each package ensures that you meet your budget constraints as well.

In Conclusion

Executive short-term rentals are a great choice for pandemic-induced quarantine. They offer a superior alternative to insurance claimants, business travelers, families on vacation, people on an extended stay, and those looking for non-hotel options.

The benefits of comfort, pricing, and quality of service surpass a hotel stay any day. With Nest Host, you get a 24×7 service team to attend to your every need.

Get in touch with us for more details.


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