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At Nest Host, we offer a wide array of corporate stay apartments across Winnipeg. Whether you’re traveling from neighboring provinces in Canada, our comprehensive corporate housing solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Modern business involves traveling and relocations as companies expand, establish new offices, and collaborate across provinces in Canada. In such scenarios, professionals often find themselves relocating, either independently or with their families, with the need for temporary corporate housing. Nest Host ensures a temporary home-away-from-home for your stay, providing comfort and convenience for days or weeks on end.

Furnished Corporate Stays Winnipeg

Why Choose Nest Host?


Variety of Corporate Stay Apartments

Pick from numerous types of properties depending on whether you’re travelling alone or with your family. At Nest Host, we offer you the choicest studios, suites, lofts, condos, and apartments to choose from.

Convenient locations

When you move to a new location in Canada, you wouldn’t want to spend your first few days of acclimatization staying somewhere that makes it difficult to access your new workplace. With Nest Host, you can find conveniently located properties that make it easy for you not just to reach your workplace, but also other important places in the city.

Professional housing representatives

Nest Host’s corporate housing representatives happily do all the legwork that’s required to set you up at your new location as smoothly as possible. You can consult our team of representatives at any time to have your queries answered.

Insured properties with round-the-clock support

There’s always that little bit of apprehension that comes with moving to a new city, and at Nest Host, we understand that. To ease your worries, we will connect you to fully insured properties that are professionally managed and maintained. You’d also have 24/7 support to make your first few days in the new city comfortable.

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Choosing Corporate Housing In Winnipeg

Short term corporate stays would give you not just peace of mind, but also the time you need for deciding on a long-term house or apartment in Winnipeg. Nest Host will be happy to accommodate you until you finalize your property purchase or rental in Winnipeg. So if your company decides to relocate you on a long-term business project, get in touch with us at Nest Host. We’ll be happy to help you out!

Corporate Housing

More Than Just Accommodations

Nest Host’s corporate stay apartments are comprehensive solutions designed to meet the demands of modern business professionals. With a focus on comfort, convenience, and flexibility, our apartments provide an ideal home base for corporate clients during their time in Winnipeg.

  1. Fully Furnished Rooms – Enjoy tastefully decorated, fully furnished rooms that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Modern Amenities – Experience enhanced living with standard offerings, such as high-speed internet, smart TVs, and contemporary appliances, that cater to the connectivity and entertainment needs of business professionals.
  3. Dedicated Workspaces – Foster work-life balance in our apartments, featuring dedicated workspaces designed for a quiet and productive environment.
  4. Business-Friendly Facilities – Beyond accommodation, we provide business-friendly facilities including meeting rooms, conference spaces, and business centers within the complex.
  5. Flexible Lease Terms – Recognizing the dynamic nature of corporate stays, we offer flexible lease terms to accommodate varying durations, whether it’s a short-term project or an extended relocation.
  6. Convenient Locations – Strategically located in prime business districts, our apartments ensure easy access to corporate offices, meeting venues, and essential locations, minimizing commute times for enhanced efficiency.
  7. Safety and Security Measures – Prioritizing the safety of our corporate clients, we implement robust safety measures, including secure entry systems and surveillance.
  8. Customized Packages – We offer customized packages to meet the unique needs of corporate clients, providing specific amenities, additional services, or personalized arrangements for a seamless stay.

The Nest Host Experience

Nest Host stands out for corporate stays, emphasizing comfort, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.


  • Home-like feel – fully furnished apartments and executive suites that provide a more spacious and comfortable environment than a typical hotel room
  • Amenities – a fully equipped kitchen, in-suite laundry, separate workspaces, and living areas, allowing for a greater sense of normalcy and routine during your stay
  • Privacy and quiet – apartments and suites offer more privacy and quieter surroundings than bustling hotel corridors and lobbies


  • Tailored stays – choose from various locations and apartment sizes to suit your team’s specific needs and budgets. You can also opt for shorter or longer stays compared to hotel booking limitations.
  • Self-sufficiency – access to a kitchen and laundry facilities lets you have more control over your meals and daily routines
  • Pet-friendly options – some Nest Host accommodations welcome pets, providing additional comfort and reducing the stress of leaving them behind.


  • Group discounts – get discounts for corporate bookings, making them a more cost-effective option for extended stays or accommodating multiple team members.
  • Lower long-term rates – Compared to hotel rates for extended stays, Nest Host apartments can offer significant savings, especially on monthly or weekly rentals.
  • Reduced expenses on meals and laundry -Having access to a kitchen and laundry facilities can help you cut down on dining and laundry service costs compared to relying on hotel offerings.

Tailored Accommodations for Every Professional

Nest Host apartments in Winnipeg aim to meet the varied needs and preferences of business and professional travelers, ensuring a tailored and comfortable stay for every guest.

  1. Business Executives
    • Executives visiting for meetings, conferences, or strategic planning
    • Professionals seeking upscale, dedicated workspaces
  2. Relocating Employees
    • Individuals relocating for work assignments or permanent placement
    • Employees needing temporary housing during the transitions
  3. Professionals on Short-Term Projects
    • Individuals on short-term projects in Winnipeg
    • Project teams requiring flexible accommodation
  4. Extended Stay Professionals
    • Professionals on extended assignments
    • Individuals seeking cost-effective alternatives to traditional hotels
  5. Families on Business Trips
    • Families accompanying business executives or relocating employees
    • Those needing family-friendly, fully furnished apartments
  6. Pet Owners
    • Individuals with pets seeking pet-friendly accommodation
    • Professionals who are reluctant to leave their pets behind while on business
  7. Corporate Teams
    • Teams requiring multiple accommodations for events
    • Companies seeking a centralized option for teams
  8. Conference Attendees
    • Attendees of conferences, seminars, or industry events
    • Professionals seeking comfortable and well-located accommodations during conferences


What types of corporate stay apartments does Nest Host offer in Winnipeg?

We provide a diverse selection of corporate stay apartments, catering to the unique needs of business travelers. This includes Executive Suites tailored for upscale comfort with dedicated workspaces, Family-Friendly Homes offering spacious accommodations for families, Short-Term Project Apartments ideal for those on brief assignments, and Extended Stay Apartments providing cost-effective alternatives for professionals on longer work assignments. Additionally, we offer Pet-Friendly Options, accommodating those unwilling to part with their furry companions, along with Corporate Team Apartments for groups attending events or conducting training sessions. Conference Attendee Apartments are also available, ensuring comfortable and well-located accommodations for those participating in conferences, seminars, or industry events in Winnipeg.

How can I book a corporate apartment with Nest Host?

Contact us at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Contact information (name, email and phone number)
  • Approximate dates and length of stay
  • Area Preference
  • Budget (if possible)
  • Any additional requirements – number of guests, pets, parking etc.

Our customer service team will get in touch with you via email along with the next steps to complete your booking.

Are the apartments suitable for long-term corporate stays?

Yes. Our Extended Stay Apartments are specifically tailored to accommodate professionals on extended work assignments or projects in Winnipeg. These apartments provide a cost-effective and comfortable alternative to traditional hotel stays for an extended duration. With amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, in-unit laundry facilities, and spacious living areas, we ensure that guests have the necessary comforts for an extended stay. The flexible lease terms further accommodate varying durations, allowing individuals or corporate teams to seamlessly adjust the length of their stay based on their specific needs.

What amenities are included in the corporate stay apartments?

Our corporate stay apartments in Winnipeg come with a comprehensive set of amenities such as fully equipped kitchens with modern appliances, high-quality linens and towels for a cozy and refreshing experience, and entertainment options such as smart TVs with channels and streaming services. Additionally, high-speed Wi-Fi is available to ensure a seamless online experience, essential for work and communication.

Can arrangements be made for special corporate needs?

Yes, Whether it involves specific amenities, additional services, or personalized arrangements, Nest Host aims to meet the unique requirements of corporate clients. The flexibility in accommodation configurations and the availability of customized packages allow for the fulfillment of specific needs, ensuring that the stay aligns perfectly with the demands of corporate travel. Nest Host’s commitment to providing professional service extends to addressing and fulfilling any special requests or arrangements to enhance the overall experience for corporate guests.

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