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What Is The Weather In Winnipeg?

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If you wish to know what is the weather in Winnipeg, you have landed at the right place. Winnipeg was once considered the coldest in the world, bringing a thermal sensation of -35ºC in this season. It’s freezing! In other seasons, temperatures rise, and it is easier to enjoy everything the place has to offer. Even if you are planning a trip there, learn more about its climate and temperature in different seasons. 

Also, be sure to check out things Winnipeg is famous for and what to buy in the city. These are perfect tips, which are worthwhile, and will save you a lot in planning your trip and when you are there. Now see everything about the climate and temperature in Winnipeg.


Climate And Temperature In Winnipeg


As you can see in the chart below, temperatures start to improve in February. Note that even in summer, the temperatures in the city are not so high.


Winter In Winnipeg



If you go to Winnipeg in the winter, that is, between December and February, do not forget to put warm clothes, wool blouses and pants, scarves, gloves, hats and warm coats in your bag! The city has one of the most (if not the most) cold winters in Canada, and temperatures can reach -15ºC and the feeling ends much worse than that of -35ºC. It also snows a lot, and the winds are freezing and, even if it is sunny, the body will be freezing. The entire rivers freeze in the middle of the city and, at a specific time, are released for ice skating.


Spring In Winnipeg


In the spring, the temperatures start to rise a little, but even so, the weather is not very hot. The season takes place in March, April, May, and early June, and the city begins to look different from winter, with flowers starting to appear in its parks. The temperature starts rising, but note that March and April are still quite cold.


Summer In Winnipeg


Summer is the most recommended time to visit Winnipeg. Temperatures rise and stay at an average of 20ºC from June until the beginning of September. As you can see, it is not as hot as in Brazil, but it is not as cold as winter in the city. The season is the time when you will enjoy most of all that Winnipeg offers, such as its sights, sports activities, cultural programs, shopping centers, bars, and restaurants. In fact, in the summer, the most important and oldest folklore festival in the world takes place, it is the Folklorama, which portrays the exotic cuisine and the ethnic side of the people of the city. Also, at the station, there are baseball games at Shaw Park.


Autumn In Winnipeg




It is also an option to go in autumn in Winnipeg, especially if it is September or October, months when temperatures are not so low (around 8ºC – like the freezing winters in Brazil). The trees have reddish-orange leaves and incredible landscapes. But don’t forget, if you go in November the temperatures are already shallow, and you need to go well equipped with super warm clothes.



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